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English Classes for Webmasters in Mexico

Hi guys!

Renowned author Charmaine Prosser (The Glass Eyed Spy – available from Amazon), and myself are giving English classes which have been specifically designed for webmasters who are currently residing in Mexico.

Please come along:

Pablo y Lucha Hostal, Hidalgo 1434, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.



Design works


I have been working and improving on some coaster designs with the toy’s structures, since I started a toy for adults project in 2012. In this project, the targets were adults while many toys generally tend to be created for children. Therefore, I tried to find the difference between children and adults through research. As the result, I found that it was drinking wine and beer to enjoy talking and communicating with people. Thus, I decided to design toys for communication and conversation during drinking.
Coasters are mainly used for avoiding water-drops from a glass damaging the surface of a table and as an advertising tool; and they are still a collectors’ item.
These toy coasters are laminated with two layers assembled with hard and thick papers, and the front and back of surfaces are printed pattern, illustration or photograph. The upper layer is for a puzzle or building blocks…

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