A Business Without A Sign Is A Sign of No Business

The Steinberg Group

ImageA business without a sign is a sign of no business, but apparently a business with crappy signs is a sign of a crappy business.  A recent survey examining the impact of traditional retail signs on consumers’ decisions to visit a store and make a purchase, found that over 2/3 of consumers say they believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of their products and services.  Additionally, 67% of consumers have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.  So yes, in-store and on-premise point of sale signage is still relevant and (arguably) still the best compulsory purchase driver.  What do your signs say about your business?

There is no denying that having an online/mobile/digital presence is an absolute necessity, and new marketing strategies are imperative if you want to keep up with new technologies, however, there is one thing that remains fundamental no matter…

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One thought on “A Business Without A Sign Is A Sign of No Business

  1. Glad you liked the article, thanks for the reblog!

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